Divorce Mediation

Mediation Is An Alternative Way To Resolve Divorce-Related Disagreements

Last updated on June 9, 2020

Instead of serving as advocate for one party, a certified mediator operates as a neutral third party who can help both spouses reach mutually acceptable compromises without the time and expense of traditional litigation. Mediation can be used to address a wide range of matters that come up in divorce proceedings, including property distribution, child custody, child support and spousal support. At end of the process, mediation results in a legally binding divorce just as one can obtain through a more confrontational form of dispute resolution.

Work With A Certified Mediator

Not all attorneys are trained as mediators. Attorney Lisa A. Sale has the specialized training to help guide you this process.

Working with a mediator like Ms. Sale, you can discuss points of contention and make important decisions in a private venue away from the courtroom. Unlike a judge, a mediator does not dictate a ruling to you; instead, a mediator helps you consider the full range of options and reach the outcome that meets your needs. Ultimately, the point of the mediation process is to help you and your spouse reach sustainable agreements on finances, custody and any other issues that affect you and your family.

If interested in mediation contact the office and schedule an appointment to meet with the attorney or mediator together with your spouse or partner. In order to maintain neutrality contact should be with both people.

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